Event 2017: 100 year Mondriaan and De Stijl Gemeentemuseum Den Haag - Holland

Piet Mondriaan - Bart van der Leck - 100 year De Stijl

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the foundation of De Stijl (The Style), the art movement centred around Piet Mondriaan and Theo Doesburg. The Netherlands celebrates the anniversary with Mondriaan to Dutch Design. 100 Years of De Stijl.
Gemeentemuseum The Hague is the centrepiece of this festive year with the world's largest Mondriaan collection as well as one of the largest De Stijl collections. With three exhibitions, these revolutionaries are placed on the victory platform they deserve. You will learn about Mondriaan's friend and counterpart Bart van der Leck and get answers to the question of who came up with the famous colour combination of red, yellow and blue.

   ““Red-yellow-blue was a perfect advertising slogan”

- from 11/2 to 22/5:   Piet Mondriaan and Bart van der Leck - 'The invention of a new art'

The 2 most important De Stijl painters, by loaning of, inter alia, MoMa and Guggenheim Museum.

- from 3/6 to 25/9:   exploring the life and work of Mondriaan - Amsterdam|Parijs|Londen|New York

300x Mondriaan, the collection of Gemeentemuseum. A major retrospective with 300 paintings and drawings.

- from 10/6 to 18/9:   The architecture and interiors of De Stijl

The artists of De Stijl laid the foundation for contemporary design. They developed a timeless style, which turned dynamics and beauty. With their ideas and designs they paved the way for designers who came after them.
Today De Stijl is a major source of inspiration for international architects, designers and artists.
The layout of our living room would be without these artists for example have been very different.

   “Must-see for lovers of Dutch Design”

- throughout 2017: Mondriaan & De Stijl

What began in 1917 as the name of a magazine grew into an icon of modernity around the world.
In the Gemeentemuseum is a complete wing dedicated to Mondriaan & De Stijl. Masterpieces are on display throughout the year: furniture, paintings, advertising posters, fashion and models of, inter alia, Vilmos Huszár, Bart van der Leck, Theo van Doesburg, Jacob Oud and Gerrit Rietveld.

   “Shopping in style: The Hague turns red, yellow and blue!”

The Hague throughout 2017: lots of activities. For example buildings, shop windows, hotelrooms and icons of downtown The Hague and to the beach of Scheveningen are dressed in Mondriaanstyle, there are excursions, readings, dance performances, concerts, festivals and a Mondriaan walkingroute through the city.
Shopkeepers and caterers create in downtown The Hague and Scheveningen a stylish window and they make with each of them a total work of art.

You will find The Hague Gemeentemuseum at walking distance - one mile - from our shop.
In our shop the program leaflet, overview brochure and a small present is waiting for you!
More information: www.gemeentemuseum.nl