Telephone 'Ericofon'

Ericsson, 1956

Red plastic design, pressbuttons (model from 1976)

Condition: good, not tested

€ 95,00

Pepper & Salt shakers

Danish, 1960's

Made of 18/8 Stainless Steel

Condition: excellent

€ 50,00

Toy riding horse 'Mobo Bronco'

D. Sebel & Co.Ltd.
England, 1950

Original metal riding horse with wheels and pedal system. Dimensions: L68 cm. H76 cm.

Condition: very nice vintage, all intact, working and complete, no repaint.


Picnic-set 'Pic Boll'

Carlo Vignoli, 1968
Guzzini, Italy

White plastic ball,
contains all you need for a six person picknic

Condition: good

€ 60,00

Salad set

Guzzini, Italy

4 small pink transparant trays and one big serving tray

Condition: new in box

€ 50,00